Herbal treatment for appendicitis means sustaining the recovery after surgical intervention; it cannot replace surgery by any chance. If you suspect appendicitis in you or your child call a doctor immediately.

To help your child heal faster, there is a schedule about herbal treatment you should follow.

Herbal treatment

e3r4t5by6hIn the first three days administrate a combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal to stimulate the elimination of toxins remaining from anesthesia. Taken in 2-3 doses per day they can also prevent infections of the surgical wound by stimulating the immune system.

Next 4-7 days give the patient three doses per day of Astragalus membranaceous containing minerals and nutrients to stimulate the immune system. If fever is present, do not administrate Astragalus, go back to Echinacea until the fever is gone.

Days 8-12 make your child a ginseng infusion to strengthen its body and help it fight infections. Ginseng is also prohibited if fever occurs.

The next 15 to 21 days give him nettle or Gotu Kola three times a day to help to heal his wounds and for its properties of general tonic. Nettle can cause stomach aches and should not be given to children under four.

The following 21-35 days period your child will need to recover the strength; give him three doses of Bupleurum Formula a day.

After the wound has healed, you can put vitamin E oil, castor oil or in the evening primrose oil on the scar. If you suspect an adverse reaction to anesthesia gives your child Nux vomica to help, the body eliminate toxins.

Help the body recover from the surgery trauma follow the homeopathic regime

Give Arnica 3-4 times a day to increase the speed of the healing process and reduce inflammation.

Next 3-4 days give him/her Staphysagria to help the wound to heal.
Give your child Hypericum 3 times per day to decrease nerve pain after surgery.

Massage the digestive tract to hasten recovery.

Use acupuncture.

234rtqybjyhIt is a complicated task detecting the presence of chronic appendicitis, owing to its elusive symptoms. But unlike acute appendicitis, its treatment doesn’t always necessitate surgery. Detected on time, antibiotics can help counter chronic appendicitis. But a constant treatment is necessary for this type of appendicitis due to its relapsing nature.
After surgery repose and calm environment is necessary. You must limit the number of visitors and create a nice atmosphere. The patient will also feel more tired than usual and will need more rest until he regains his strength. Give him a vitamin B-complex and also ginseng during the first two weeks. For approximately 6-8 weeks your child must avoid heavy lifting and abdominal exercises.