Buying A Table Tennis Table

Keisha Rose/ January 9, 2017/ Sports/

The majority of the people who have played table tennis at friends’ house or school want to buy a table or upgrade the existing one. In this post, you learn to choose the best table tennis tables. Moreover, you will know what to look for to get what meets your needs.

Tips for buying table tennis table

Nowadays, there are a lot of retailers selling table tentg3e6y3ey3e7u23e728i82nis tables. Each manufacturer is convincing you that their products are the best for you. You should work out your mind as far as purchasing a table tennis table is concerned. Also, if you are playing with some of your friends in the garage, you want to become the next Olympic Champion, and you do not have a lot of money to burn, ensure you choose the best.

Is it for family use?

You can buy a table tennis table for the family to enjoy playing. In that case, it is advisable to buy a cheaper one first. This is because young families give their first table tennis table a rough time. Thus, you should start with a low-cost first and upgrade later. After you become good at competition, you will get into sport and invest in a table of the required standard.

Fold up or fixed table

Unless you are sure the table will be permanently set up, it is advisable to bu a folding table tennis table. This is because they are easy to fold away and set-up. Moreover, storage will not be an issue. You also need to check whether a single person can operate the table. It is advisable to choose one with rollers as they make the table very easy to use. There is no need to have your table move during play. Thus, it should have good breaks that work well.


Most top fligtg23et36ey63e6t236ey7eu82ht tables are 1 inch thick. With such thickness, they provide a great bounce. Unfortunately, tables used at top competitions are quite expensive. You can choose 3/4 inch tables from a reputable manufacturer.

Playing surface

It is not a must for a good table to have great playing surface. You need to check the support legs. Some advanced tables have leg levelers, which can be screwed. If you like playing outdoors, then you need such table. The other thing to check is quality. This is because it determines the durability of the table.