How to remove stretch marks naturally

Keisha Rose/ January 10, 2017/ Skin, Treatment/

Stretch marks are a huge taking point in the modern world. They are largely frustrating because they blemish what was initially perfect. Everybody desires a flawless skin regardless of the part of the body. This is why when stretch marks creep in we resort to incredible measures to stamp out their presence. Medics and dermatologists say that these stretch marks are caused by many factors including growth spurt, weight gain, pregnancy, suddhvwrkbrjebvk3eknen weight loss or puberty.

There are many ways in livro adeus estrias of removing stretch marks but the most preferable is the natural form of removal. Stretch mark surgery and laser treatment are quite advanced and expensive for what should be a simple procedure. Therefore natural forms take precedence for their simplicity and low budgetary concerns. The following are natural ways of stretch marks removal.

Skin massage

Massaging has its health benefits that include enhanced blood circulation. Blood circulation is important as it stimulates cell growth and redevelopment of the skin. This is ideally what you need to get rid of the unwarranted stretch marks. A simple Massage will maid the reconstruction of the skin cells to appear as if the stretch marks never existed. In order to get better results, you should massage your skin with the aid of seemly creams. This should be done at least three times a day for significant and palpable results.

Cosmetic applications

SDZTBHRTSNBTRThere are different kinds of cosmetics for stretch marks removal available in the market. These include the use of coco butter, vitamin E and Aloe Vera.  Cocoa butter has been used from time immemorial for such treatment. It is preferred for its ability to infiltrate the skin and repair the skin effectively. Aloe Vera is also a natural remedy famed due to its anti-inflammatory components that ensure that the stretch marks clear up speedily. Vitamin E enhances production of growth cells to ensure that the skin redevelops quickly.

Adequate nourishment

In principal, the skin needs a lot of water and plenty of exercise in order to flourish. The moisture and nutrients inherent in such nourishment is key to skin health and development. You skin’s health will largely be determined by what you consume. Water is key due to the fact that it, moisturizes the skin and exercise is also invaluable because it enhances blood circulation.

Remember, stretch marks are not detrimental to your general skin health but they will surely influence your self-esteem and the beauty of your skin. It is therefore important to take the foregoing measures into consideration in order to have stretch mark free skin.