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Problems Facing Physically and Mentally Disabled Persons

Keisha Rose/ March 22, 2017/ Diability/

Living with disability exposes you to personal limitations in the economic, physiological and social spheres. The magnitude of these effects depends on many factors one of them being the age of the patient and the values of the society. According to NDIS news, there are issues that an adult can handle, which can overwhelm a teenager. The effects of these problems can only be alleviated through parenting, counseling or government support.

Common Problems

Social IssueseaadscADcddaq

For a fact, any disabled person is naturally aware of ostracism. Considering that disabled persons stand out and are easy targets for ridicule, discrimination, and mockery. As such, it is imperative to assist or provide them with ways of dealing with these unpleasant encounters.

Psychological Issues

The psychological effects of physical and mental disability can leave a lasting impression on the life of a child. Besides the typical reactions like getting angry, disability can also lead to other extreme effects like depression, anxiety, and some sunny temperaments. More often, physically challenged persons will always take in the ridicule and damaging sentiments about them. With time, this might ruin their self-esteem and their attitude towards life. It is not easy to shield any disable person from damaging remarks and unfair treatment. However, one can refute them through counseling sessions and reinforcement messages from friends and family.

Economic issues

dswdaADcASCaDPhysically and mentally challenged children from families with stable income can be shielded from immediate effects of a disability. However, disability cases do go down well with people from poor households. In such instances, the disabled person might lack medical care, food and access to basic needs. In such situations, one is advised to seek for state programs and incentives directed towards persons living with disabilities.

Safety Issues

For a fact, people living with disabilities are vulnerable to social injustices and attacks than their non-disabled counterparts. This is attributed to the fact that physically and mentally challenged individuals can be easily manipulated due to their inability to resist. This situation is common to young children, who are prone to sexual abuse.

Access to essential services

The quality and availability of services can vary significantly. In some cases, persons suffering from disabilities are at a disadvantage when looking for these services. This could be linked to several factors like incompetence, local’s attitude towards certain disabilities and care provider training. When access to services is not adequate, it is the responsibility of the community and the leadership to advocate for change.…