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Health Advantages of the Inflatable Paddle Board

Patrick Willis/ January 7, 2017/ Health and Fitness/

In the recent past few years, there has been an immense growth and popularity in inflatable paddle boards. It is faster and fun to learn how to control a paddle board. Equally, the boards don’t discriminate any gender, and thus it can be of use to everyone despite their gender and age. TheĀ inflatable paddle boardĀ is gaining popularity because of their massive health benefits. The paddle boards allow individual to explore water bodies easily and allow remarkable workout curriculum.

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Benefits of inflatable paddle boards

kllmmbbvThe good thing about inflatable paddle boards over the regular boards is that it can always be deflated for easy means of transport and storage. Since transportation of these boards is easier, it gives you a chance to enjoy paddle sport wherever you want.

They are durable. The inflatable paddle boards can last for long and longer when handled with good care. The boards are also strong and nearly indestructible. More so, these paddle boards are totally ding proof.

Light in weight

The inflatable paddle boards are lightweight and convenient. They can be stored anywhere and move with it everywhere unlike the conventional boards.

They are made of a soft traction pad at the top. These helps protect you from bruises and cuts. However, the boards are rock-hard when inflated. Also, they are rigid enough and hence their performance is higher. The surface is soft enough, so no injuries expected.

Health advantages

Paddling helps experience a lot of health advantages. Some of the benefits include the following: Yoga

Performing yoga when paddling adds an extra dimension of fitness and balancing. The yoga experts are now finding it pleasant to practice yoga and paddle simultaneously. Equally, it is more relaxing at the sea level than in the gym. The sun rays and the calmness of the water make it more pleasant. Don’t wait any longer try yoga while paddling than in the noisy gym facilities.

Cardiovascular endurance

Paddling is a great way of achieving proper working cardiovascular system. In the process, you are expected to lose some calories hence reduction in weight-related complications. Thus means chances of diabetes, heart attack and stroke will be controlled. This is the most advantageous health benefit of paddling.

Gives strength to body muscle

jkmmmbbxzEvery single body muscle is put to use during paddling process. It entails an incredible core workout plan. Practically the legs muscle is put to use while try to maintain balance. The shoulders and arms are continually at work while pushing the paddle board in water, hence putting the abdominal muscle to help uphold balance in the water.

With the popularity of inflatable paddling boards, it’s an indication that most people appreciate the benefits of the boards.…