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Stomach Ulcer Healing Tips: Diet Restrictions

Keisha Rose/ April 22, 2016/ Ulcers/

Stomach ulcers are painful sores on the stomach lining which occur due to thinning of the protective mucus layer that protects the stomach tissue from digestive juices. Some physical symptoms are associated with ulcers, the most common being a burning sensation in your chest and belly commonly referred to as heartburn. Normally the symptoms are heightened due to wrong diets or an empty stomach. It is, therefore, necessary to pay close attention to stomach ulcer diet restrictions to ease the symptoms.
Stomach Ulcer Diet Restrictions

3erdftghEliminating or reducing intake of certain foods and drinks is well recommended to relieve ulcer symptoms in many cases. Making some minor adjustments to your eating habits as well as your general lifestyle could be the difference between chronic ulcers that might eventually require surgical treatment and mild ulcers that are easily treatable within a short period.

What are the main goals for stomach ulcer diet restrictions

Food nutrition ought to be observed regardless of any medical condition

Keeping the gastric acid levels neutral at all times
Reducing the excessive production of stomach acids
Maintaining a safe PH balance in the stomach

Which foods to limit

In many instances, different foods affect different people in a different manner. It is best to pay careful attention to what foods intensify your symptoms and which ones do not affect you in any way.

Here are some of the foods that you will want to keep off your diet

Spicy foods

Spicy foods do not necessarily cause stomach ulcers but they certainly do stimulate the production of acids that irritate the already worn out stomach lining.

Fatty foods

Foods that have a high concentration of fats such as pastries, red meat with fatty tissues and foods made with butter or creamy ingredients have the tendency of promoting inflammation which could get quite uncomfortable.

Coffee and carbonated beverages

The acidic nature of these drinks alters the PH of the stomach and increases chances of irritability.

Citrus fruits and tomatoes

These fruits are well known for their higher acidity than other fruits. Cutting this from your diet will without a doubt offer you symptom relief.

Smoking and alcohol consumption

3ertg4yhThe chemicals in these substances not only inhibit tissue repair and healing but also worsen the condition.Conforming to a stomach-friendly diet could take up much time in planning and could make a significant increase in your food finances. However, the transition to a healthier diet plan could ultimately be the best solution to your ulcer related nightmares.…