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Common Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

Keisha Rose/ February 13, 2016/ cancer/

Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is a type of cancer that occurs when cancerous cells grow on the stomach lining. Unfortunately, this type of cancer does not cause any serious symptoms in its early stages. This is one of the main reasons why it’s hard to detect until it’s advanced.

Common Stomach Cancer Symptoms

During its early stages, stomach cancer may exhibit several signs and symptoms. They include;



Slight Nausea

Feeling bloated after meals

Loss of appetite

Experiencing heartburn or feeling bloated after meals doesn’t necessarily mean that you have stomach cancer. All the same, it’s important to seek medical assistance if these symptoms persist. Your doctor may perform various tests to see if you are at risk of developing the condition or not.

In its advanced stage, stomach cancer may exhibit more serious symptoms.

These advanced stomach cancer symptoms include;

Chronic stomach pain

Blood in stool


Vomiting, particularly vomiting solid food shortly after eating

Persistent diarrhea

Unexplained weight loss

Persistent heartburn

Lumpiness and swelling in your stomach, usually caused by a build-up of fluid

Trouble swallowing food

Jaundice (Yellowish discoloration of the eyes and skin)

Excessive fatigue and general body weakness

Early satiety (feeling full after eating a small amount of food)

Low blood cell count (Anemia)

Causes of Stomach Cancer

2wesrxfcgvhbStomach cancer is directly associated with tumors in the stomach lining. However, certain factors (certain diseases and conditions) may increase your risk of developing the condition.

They include;

H.Pylori bacterial infections- the infection in most cases leads to gastritis and ulcers

Stomach Polyps- Usually characterized by abnormal growths of tissue on the stomach lining

Lymphoma( a group of blood cancers)

Tumors in other parts of the digestive system

Other risk factors include

Old age- older adults, especially those above 50 years are at risk of developing stomach cancer


Genetics- Stomach cancer runs in the family

Excessive salt consumption

Excessive consumption of meat

History of alcohol abuse

Lack of exercise

Stomach cancer is usually treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and immune therapy such as vaccines and medication.

If left untreated, the health condition may spread to the liver, bones, lymph nodes, and lungs.

You can decrease your risk of developing stomach cancer (actually, all cancers) by

12qw3esrdtfyvhubEating a healthy diet

Adding little salt to food

Quitting smoking

Maintaining a healthy weight

Exercising on a regular basis

When diagnosed early enough, stomach cancer is highly treatable. Be sure to look out for these stomach cancer symptoms to be on the safe side.…