The New Notice Periods

Patrick Willis/ September 20, 2016/ Health and Fitness/

Upon getting a job, notice periods should be one of the primary objectives of terms and agreements. As an employee, you need to know about notice periods. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding notice periods. People are never sure of when to issue a notice and for how long should it last. The best outplacement practices require the employers to give the employees sufficient time notices. Employees are never sure of what benefits they are eligible for or what is their right during that period.

Critical information

What is a notice period?

kkmmmbbA notice period is a period between the issuance of a dismissal notice to the termination of work. This period is significant to both the employer and the employees. The employer gets time to plan for unscheduled departures ad reschedule the work calendar. The employee, on the other hand, prepares to leave. There are two types of notice periods: the contractual notice period and statutory notice period. The statutory notice period dictates length as stipulated by the law. The contractual period depends on the agreement between the employer and employee basing on contract.

Employee rights during the notice period

One right that remains imminent at any time of employment is payment and wages. The employee has to receive normal payments even during the notice period. The payments will not change even when the employer doesn’t provide work during the notice period. Other rights are insurance covers. The employee is still entitled to insurance cover up to the last day of employment. The employee should get normal benefits like the other regular workers. When it comes to medical leave, and maternity leave within the notice period, normal payments are still expected unless otherwise.

Medical leave in the notice period

A lot may happen in the workplace. We are not guaranteed of not having mishaps and cases of sickness. However, the payments have to remain the same regardless of the situation. If you are incompetent of work due to illness or injury, you will still be eligible to pay for normal working hours. If you have been on sick leave for a long period such that it went into your notice period, the payment will still stand. An exception will only arise in the case of the contractual notice period. This is because a contractual notice period may limit the employer from providing the employee with certain privileges.

Statutory laws

lppllmmvMost employees and employers are ignorant of statutory laws. The notice period is significant, and each party needs to be aware of it. The provisions exist as a security to both sides. For the employee, it’s a clear indication that misconduct or any unethical thing can earn them a dismissal. The relief is they will get to be notified.